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The Pearl of Africa is the Feature Country in S.E.E. Africa's Second Edition 10 Jul 2017 | By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thome

The second edition of S.E.E. AFRICA® the flagship magazine publication of Afro Tourism is finally out – and it’s loaded! Picking up from where the first edition stopped, S.E.E. AFRICA (Vol ii) takes it a step higher with more compelling stories and vivid images of destinations, events, and personalities.
The image of a mountain gorilla with her young one on the front cover announces the country in focus: UGANDA, the Pearl of Africa and home to 54% of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world – AND the most affordable gorilla tracking destination in East Africa.

But the magazine is not just about gorillas and neither is the East African nation only about the endangered silverback primates! There’s so much to feed your eyes and mind, and stimulate your travel interests. Find out How to Burn Belly Fat and go on a Tanzanian Odyssey with an American family discovering its African roots. Check out 5 reasons to holiday in West Africa or meet the Father of Tourism in Nigeria. Do you know who that is? Grab a copy of the magazine to find out these and more!

And in case you cannot get hold of a printed copy here in Uganda and Eastern Africa, the following weblink still gets you there and let’s you read it all:

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