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Is LG The Best Phone Manufacturer Out There? 26 Jul 2016 | By Levis Ryan


When choosing which Smartphone to get, most people tend to go the iPhone or Samsung route, and completely leave out other OEMs like LG, Sony, HTC, Motorola etc. This could be largely due to the fact that these people believe that iPhones and Samsungs are more superior. You’ll find that most Apple enthusiasts will always religiously get the latest iPhone while those that prefer Android might just recognize Samsung as the main provider of cool features. This is all however a huge misconception based largely on marketing. I for one have owned 3 LG flagships, 1 Samsung and 1 iPhone in my time. So you can already tell that this article will solely be to convince you on why LG should be given more credit as a phone manufacturer. 

1. The LG G2’s Rear Button Placement
Before other OEMs started placing power buttons and finger print sensors on the back of their devices, LG had already done it with the G2. When it first came out people were a little skeptical on the longevity of this redesign but it later came to be widely accepted. It become LG’s signature look and was quickly adopted by other manufacturers like Asus, HTC and Google’s very own Nexus series. 

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2. The LG Optimus 4X HD’s Quadcore Processor
When Android phones started demanding more processing power, guess which manufacturer was the first to come out with a ‘Superphone’? Not Samsung! LG premiered their Optimus 4X HD in 2012 that boasted 4 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9 cores to power it. Many users thought this was overkill and that smartphones didn’t need all this processing power but soon after, companies like Samsung, HTC and Sony followed suit, while Apple chose to keep 1 core and is now trying to play catch up by including 2 cores in their latest flagship the iPhone 6s Plus. 

3. The LG G3’s QUAD HD Display
Quad HD, also known as 2K resolution, first showed up on the LG G3 in 2014. This enabled the phone’s display to showcase content in 2 times Full HD resolution (1440*2560), making everything more crisp and clear. This was also quickly adopted by other Android OEMs like Samsung and Sony while Apple chose to stick to just 1080p to this day.

4. The LG G4’s Manual Camera Mode 
Most people nowadays will use their phones as their primary camera, and LG understood this. That is why they included manual controls in the LG G4. This enabled users to manually modify their photography. So if you’re looking to get into serious photography, the LG G4 would be a great starting point. 


5. The LG V10’s Always On Display
This year, a bunch of phones including, the Samsung Galaxy S7 series adopted always on technology to their displays. But last year, LG had already done this with their behemoth of a phone, the LG V10.  The V10 not only had an always on display, it featured a second 2.1” display on top of its already large 5.7” screen.

6. The LG V10’s Manual Video Mode
The LG V10 was the first ever phone to incorporate all manual controls on video. And it still is the only phone to this date to implement this in the right way. Samsung tried it with the S7 and S7 edge which came out months after the V10 but none of them have done manual video to the extent at which LG has. The V10 is the perfect phone for serious photographers and videographers. Wink wink YouTubers!


7. The LG G5’s Modularity
Phone modularity has been a concept for a while now. The ability to switch out phone parts if they failed without taking it back to the manufacturer or replacing the whole unit seems very impressive and futuristic. And guess which company beat everyone else to the punch? Well LG of course, with their current flagship, the G5. Although modularity on the G5 was lightly implemented, at least LG gave it a shot while no one else was willing to. 


In conclusion, the reason I love LG is that they come up with great features that drive mobile technology further and further. They try new things as we’ve seen with their flagships which in the long run end up being industry standard. So really the one Smartphone manufacturer everyone should be bowing down to is LG. 

And no, this article wasn't sponsored by them!  

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